Waterborne Radon Reduction – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Waterborne Radon Reduction Systems in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

When you find out your home’s water supply in Lancaster, Pennsylvania tests high for radon, you want to hire the waterborne radon mitigation company qualified to return your family’s water supply to safe levels, with a security that the system will perform well. This security will come when the Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based radon mitigation specialist performs the EPA-certified tests, and follows proper installation methods to ensure clean water for years to come. Our company meets these criteria, with radon mitigation specialists licensed for Lancaster, Pennsylvania, ready to serve your needs.

How does waterborne radon contamination enter a home in PA?

Waterborne Radon LancasterEven if the soil around your home is not contaminated by radon (the usual way this radioactive gas enters a home, affecting the air quality), radon can be present in well water when carried from soil-contaminated sources from a distance. Radon is a natural element found in pockets of the soil throughout the U.S., but is indiscernible even when present in a home’s air or water. Contact with your water, if contaminated by radon, exposes you to its dangers every time you wash your hands, take a shower, or brush your teeth. Your family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is at risk for lung cancer or other health risks from this exposure. Radon mitigation for waterborne radon negates the risk.

Only a qualified radon mitigation contractor licensed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with specific equipment and water testing techniques will be able to ensure that the correct system is chosen for your home. Depending on radon levels and other contaminants in the water, either an aeration system, or a granular activated carbon system, will be chosen. Next, the radon mitigation specialist will determine the size of the system based on water flow in your Lancaster, Pennsylvania home. The location for the system will depend on the plumbing, electrical, and ventilation needs of the system concurrent to the layout of your home.

As you can see, radon mitigation is not a simple task, and best not left to a general contractor. The EPA sets guidelines for certified systems and tests, and state codes will guide you toward qualified radon mitigation companies in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When you search for one, please consider the years of waterborne radon experience our company has in the industry, along with our satisfied customers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and throughout the country.