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Friday, December 30, 2011 @ 09:12 PM
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Why Does Radon Gas Occur in Lancaster, Pennsylvania?

Radon Cancer Lancaster PennsylvaniaAreas of Lancaster, Pennsylvania have a greater risk of radon intrusion than most homes located across the United States. This poses a greater risk of developing lung cancer for residents of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Prolonged exposure to this deadly gas can lead to death if the cancer is not discovered in an early stage. Therefore, radon mitigation is recommended to dispel radon gas from your home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania home.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania has unusually high levels of radon gas due to large deposits of uranium beneath its location. As uranium breaks down below the ground, it creates radon gas. This deadly gas continues to build up beneath the earth’s surface until it finds an escape route. Typically, radon travels along cracks in the earth until it enters your Lancaster, Pennsylvania home through cracks in its foundation or walls. The build up of this radioactive gas can lead to cancer, so it is highly recommended that residents of Lancaster, Pennsylvania arrange for radon mitigation services to remove it.

Studies Indicate that Radon Gas May Cause Skin Cancer as well as Lung Cancer

At least two studies over the last two decades have suggested that radon gas can lead to certain forms of skin cancer. This places residents living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with the threat of developing non-malignant skin cancer as well as lung cancer. A team of researchers from the European Centre for Environment & Human Health conducted a recent study of residents living in southwest England looking for a correlation between radon gas and the unusually high incidence of skin cancer discovered there. Their study builds upon the results of an earlier study and concludes that radon may be a factor in the development of skin cancer for these individuals. Keeping this new development in mind, residents of Lancaster, Pennsylvania may want to consider arranging for radon mitigation services.

Previous Head Coach for Penn State University, Joe Paterno, Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

In recent months, Joe Paterno, the former head coach for Penn State’s football team has been fired by the university and diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. This type of cancer is referred to as NSCLC, squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, and large cell cancer. When non-small cell lung cancer is present, tumors form in the tissue of the lungs, particularly in the cells lining the air passages. Joe Paterno is expected to undergo treatment for his cancer, which many experts believe he acquired through exposure to radon.

Radon Mitigation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Homes in Lancaster, Pennsylvania should undergo testing for the presence of radon due to the fact that a higher incidence of this type of intrusion occurs in this area of the country. If it is discovered that high levels of radon exist, homeowners should contact radon mitigation specialists to dispel this noxious gas.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 @ 05:11 PM
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Radon Problems in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Radon Mitigation Lancaster PennsylvaniaIf you live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania you should take steps to protect your home from the dangers posed by radon. This radioactive gas is present everywhere in the environment, and it can pose a significant health risk to those living in Pennsylvania. In fact, radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the northeast part of the united states, second only to cigarette smoking. If you live in Pennsylvania, you need to pay attention to this potential health risk.

If you are buying a home in the central part of the country, you should insist on a thorough radon test before you put your offer in. If you buy a home in one of the central states and it later turns out to have a radon problem, you could be looking at many thousands of dollars to fix that problem and eliminate the future risk posed by radon. It is much better to have the home tested up front than to try to fix a radon problem after you have already signed the contracts.

In fact radon has become such a serious threat in Pennsylvania that many real estate contracts now require that a radon test be conducted as a condition of the sale. If you are selling your home, you may be required to have your house tested for high levels of radon, and you may be required to fix any problems that are found before the sale can go through.

If you already own your home, you should still have it tested for radon. After all, your health, and the health of your family, could be at risk. If you have your home tested and find no problem, so much the better. You can rest easier knowing that you have nothing to fear from radon in your central states home.

But if you do discover a problem, you will have an important early warning, and plenty of time to do something about it. Radon tends to be a cumulative problem, and the longer a radon problem is left untreated the more severe the damage can be. If you catch a radon problem early, you can mitigate it and get rid of the existing radon much more easily. If you wait, you could be looking at a much more expensive repair job down the road.

Call S.W.A.T Environmental for a Radon Mitigation Quote

It all starts with having your Lancaster, Pennsylvania home tested for high levels of radon gas. Until you have your home tested you cannot truly know whether or not radon is a problem. There are a number of radon detection companies doing business in Pennsylvania, and it is important to choose a firm with a solid reputation and a history of success. Ask others in your neighborhood for recommendations, and ask each company you call about their level of expertise and experience detecting and repairing radon problems in Lancaster homes. Once you have found a good company, you can get down to business, and hopefully nip any radon problems in the bud. S.W.A.T Environmental has been in the radon business for 23 years and going strong, give us a call today to get your home or business tested for radon.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 @ 07:10 PM
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Getting Rid of Radon – the Challenges Faced by Lancaster Pennsylvania Residents

Radon Mitigation Lancaster PennsylvaniaWhen it comes to getting rid of radon – that colorless and odorless gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer – Lancaster, Pennsylvania residents face a number of unique issues. Those living in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania often suffer from higher levels of radon contamination, simply due to the geography of the region and the nature of the bedrock found there. Since radon has a tendency to seep in through cracks in the bedrock, those whose homes are sitting on this type of foundation can be more prone to a radon problem than those living in other types of climates.

In addition to the unique geographical challenges that make radon more prevalent in northern climates, those residents also face a number of other challenges in. One of those challenges is that Lancaster, Pennsylvania is home to many of the oldest homes in the nation. While this is great from a historical perspective, it is not always so great from a radon perspective. As Lancaster, PA houses get older and begin to settle, they can develop tiny cracks in the foundation, and those tiny cracks an be enough to allow radon to start seeping into the home through the basement and the exterior walls.

No Lancaster Pennsylvania Home is Safe From Radon

Many Lancaster, Pennsylvania homes also have older windows, especially in the basements and crawl spaces. Those older windows can also allow radon to enter the home. That can make getting rid of radon an even bigger challenge, which is why it is so important to look for a radon company with plenty of experience fixing the unique issues found in northern homes.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania residents may have even more reason to worry about radon contamination due to recent developments in the energy market. The northern part of the country is home to some of the richest deposits of shale oil and natural gas in the world, and many oil and gas companies are already beginning to tap and exploit this resource. But while that is great news for many northern residents, it is also a possible source of worry from a radon perspective.

Radon-The Silent Killer

The techniques used to break the rocks and release the oil and natural gas trapped inside could potentially release radon into the ground, and into the groundwater as well. Lancaster, Pennsylvania residents who live near one of these natural oil or gas formations should be particularly vigilant about having their homes tested for radon. Even if you had a negative radon test a few years ago, it might be worth revisiting the issue again in the light of recent developments.

In the end, it is the responsibility of every resident of the Pennsylvania to test his or her home for radon. Radon is colorless and odorless, so unless you test for it you can never truly know that you do not have a problem. Testing for radon can give you peace of mind that all is well, or a heads up that you need to eliminate a potential threat to your health and that of your family members.