Residential Radon Mitigation – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Residential Radon Mitigation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

If you live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and your home has tested for high level of radon, you have taken the best first step by seeking a qualified residential radon mitigation contractor. As dangerous as radon can be to your family, the larger threat is paying a lot of money to a contractor who claims qualified radon mitigation services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and then leaves your home with the same, or even more serious, levels of contamination. Don’t let this happen to your beautiful Lancaster, Pennsylvania home. When you decide you need help for this serious problem, contact us. Our company offers experienced and qualified radon mitigation specialists, licensed to work in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

How Does Radon Enter a Home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania?

Residential Radon Mitigation LancasterIt is an invisible, odorless gas, naturally present in pockets of the soil throughout the U.S., but more commonly found in the northeastern states, which puts Lancaster, Pennsylvania residents right in the middle of it. Residential radon mitigation is necessary when a home’s foundation comes into contact with a pocket of radon. It only takes a small crack or hole for radon to pose a danger to a home’s air quality. The difference in air pressure between indoors and outdoors means the home acts as a vacuum, sucking up any existing radon from the soil through those cracks, and then trapping it to remain there and build up. Radon mitigation contractors from our company are trained to assess not only the underlying causes for contamination, but the best methods to mitigate the problem. Once they have equalized the pressure and sealed off access points, radon no longer poses a threat, and your family is safe.

Underground water tables in Lancaster, Pennsylvania can also pose a threat to homes if contaminated with radon. If your Lancaster, Pennsylvania home utilizes water from a well, it is highly recommended you have your water tested by a radon mitigation specialist. If radon is present in your water, you and your family members are exposed to it every time you brush your teeth or take a shower. Our services include radon mitigation contractors with the specialized equipment for correcting radon-contaminated water issues.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a great place to live, and we do not recommend that you move away or sell your home just to solve this problem. Radon mitigation is usually the best solution as most home sales today require radon testing as part of the home inspection.

Keep our services at the top of your list when you start to interview residential radon mitigation contractors in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Our specialists are just that: trained, licensed, and experienced in testing, working out the best radon mitigation solutions for your home, then retesting to make sure the radon mitigation was effective in your Lancaster, Pennsylvania home.