Commercial Radon Mitigation – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Commercial Radon Mitigation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Commercial Radon Mitigation LancasterWhen your business in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is found to have high levels of radon, mitigation is your best solution, and you need it right away. Not only do state laws require your commercial building to close until radon is reduced, but commercial radon mitigation is required before employees can return to work there. Clearly, you will want a commercial radon mitigation company in that will do it right, quickly and completely.

The northeastern U.S. has a slightly higher concentration of radon than the rest of the country, meaning your Lancaster, Pennsylvania building is not unique. Radon levels requiring mitigation occur when a building’s foundation contacts radon through the soil. Radon is a radioactive gas, invisible and odorless, and a natural element in the earth. Outdoors it poses no problem, but the differentiating air pressure between exterior and interior creates a vacuum inside, sucking up radon from the earth through any small cracks or holes in a building’s structure around the foundation or basement. Radon mitigation seeks to equalize the pressure to return indoor air to a healthy level.

What Can I Do to Protect My Company from Radon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania?

Commercial radon mitigation reduces the levels of radon in a commercial building. In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, radon mitigation specialists can start work immediately to ensure your doors can re-open as soon as possible. However, be careful about choosing the commercial radon mitigation contractor who promises the fastest completion date, or delivers the lowest bid. Time and cost are important factors, but consider the consequences if the first company you choose does not do the job well. In some cases, an inexperienced or ill-equipped radon mitigation contractor can increase the levels of radon.

Begin by checking with your local state department of environmental resources in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Ask for a list of licensed, certified radon mitigation companies. Other state agencies may have referrals from businesses in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for experienced, respected radon mitigation contractors.

When you take the time to do a job right, it really shows. The same is true when you fix a problem like high radon levels. Your business in Lancaster, Pennsylvania can survive this. Take the time to protect your customers, employees, and your company’s reputation by hiring a local Lancaster, Pennsylvania radon mitigation company with expertise and cutting-edge mitigation equipment. When you search for that company, we hope you will consider ours. We answer all of the above qualifications for commercial radon mitigation, and we are licensed to do so in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.