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Tuesday, January 3, 2012 @ 06:01 PM
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It’s Radon Action Month. Is Your Pennsylvania Home Radon Free?

Radon Action Month Lancaster PennsylvaniaThe Environmental Protection Agency has recently announced that January will be National Radon Action Month. The agency knows that radon is a serious threat to people all around the world, and to those living in the Lancaster area. If you are a resident of the Lancaster area, you and your family could be at risk from radon contamination.

Radon is a serious problem around the country, and around the world for that matter. The problem is so serious that the World Health Organization estimates this colorless and odorless radioactive gas is responsible for some 100,000 deaths from lung cancer every year, including an estimated 20,000 in the United States alone. There is no reason to believe that the statistics for the Lancaster are not equally dire, and that makes it very important to have your home tested as soon as possible.

Now is the Best Time to Test Your Lancaster, Pennsylvania Home for Radon

If you have not yet had your Lancaster area home tested for radon contamination, you may want to take advantage of National Radon Action Month. During the month of January, you can expect to see a number of public service announcements pointing out the dangers of radon gas, along with information on resources you can use to have your Lancaster area home tested.

If the results of radon testing in your Lancaster area home show normal levels of the gas, you can rest assured knowing that you and your family are protected. If you do find that your Lancaster area home has high levels of radon contamination, you can start working on was to reduce those levels, and there is no better time to get started than National Radon Awareness Month.

Hire an Experienced Radon Specialist During Radon Action Month

When it comes to radon mitigation, you cannot afford to have your Lancaster area home fixed by just anyone. You need to find a company that is national in scope, but one that has the experience and expertise necessary to deal with radon problems in the Lancaster area. That is why SWAT is your source for radon mitigation in the Lancaster area. SWAT has a national footprint, and access to more certified technicians than any other company. And during National Radon Action Month, SWAT will be offering a number of special discounts designed to help Lancaster area homeowners deal effectively with this potential threat.

If you have not yet had your Lancaster area home tested for radon, taking advantage of National Radon Action Month can give you the peace of mind you need. Whether you find that our Lancaster area home has high levels of radon or not, you can get real peace of mind. Those living in the northeastern part of the United States can be at particular risk from radon contamination, so if you live in the Lancaster area your family could be in real danger. Every day you delay can increase that risk, so there is no reason to put off testing. Taking advantage of National Radon Action Month can save you money, and safeguard the health and well being of your family as well.